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The Future of LASIK in Malaysia

Dr Stephen Chung is no stranger to the world of laser refractive surgery. As one of the pioneers in the region, and with 20 years of experience, he has seen the industry and technologies evolve from how they used to be, to what they are today.

Read on: In this interview, (published in The Star, April 2015) Dr Stephen Chung talks about the new treatments and advances in LASIK, as well as answers the question: will SMILE replace LASIK in the future?

Looking Back: The History of LASIK

To date, more than 30 million people worldwide have undergone LASIK, and LASIK itself has become a household term. Did you know - the key developments in its history took over a century to unfold. In this write up, optometrist Tang Shuan Rui takes you on an exciting history lesson and shares on how LASIK Surgery went from its experimental stages to become one of the most effective and popular elective procedures today.


Your Children Aren't Lazy. They Just Have A Lazy Eye

Is your child showing disinterest in classes, in their homework or even during playtime with friends ? Are they bringing home a report card filled with frustrated teacher comments ? Vision is known to play a significant role in a child’s behavior and also learning patterns. Read on to find out the difference between being lazy, and having a Lazy Eye.